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Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show

This stunt show offers fast paced action using jet skis, specially designed cars, and motorcycles. In fact, one car is specially designed to split in half! The cars also have special color coding, making it possible to tell which is the 'villain' and which is the 'hero' of this high speed chase adventure.


Guests enter the attraction through a garage containing six gigantic windows. Here, technicians can be observed as the customize and fine tune the vehicles used in the attraction. After entering the 5000 seat stadium situated inside a 177,000 square foot space, guests are treated to show with spins, jumps, explosions, and titillating stunts. In addition, secrets of the filmmaking industry are revealed as guests learn how Hollywood creates such magnificent chase scenes. To aid in this understanding, oversized screens within the stadium show the stunt from different angles, making it possible to enhance the special effects.


To add to the fun, a few audience members are selected to participate in the show along with the stunt managers, professional drivers, director, assistant director, and production crew.