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Liberty Square Riverboat

Capturing the magic of the Disneyland Mark Twain Riverboat is the Liberty Square Riverboat, at Orlando Disney World. Also known as the "Liberty Belle", you can take a journey on this three-tiered paddlewheel steamship around the scenery of Frontierland, Liberty Square and Tom Sawyer Island.


The "Liberty Belle" has a boiler room that converts the water in the Rivers of America into the steam that propels the paddle that drives the boat. Board and depart the boat at the colonial-American-inspired Liberty Square Riverboat Landing near The Hall of Presidents, the boat is guided through the waters for one and a half miles by an underwater rail (not a seafaring captain – the only thing lacking authenticity!).


The tour offers a relaxing view of the Wild West scenery along the riverbank, so enjoy the sights of the Splash Mountain plunge, river pirates, Native American villagers, and the sounds of screaming from the riders enjoying the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad...