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Kumba, which means "roar" in Swahili, is a uniquely created roller coaster.  It took nearly seven months to construct the steel coaster, which covers a total of 3 acres.  The land on which it stands had to be excavated to different levels in order to make the track run smoothly against the land.  In addition, designers created a cave tunnel, nicknamed "Kumba's Den."  After completing the coaster itself, the park added thousands of shrubs, trees, and vines to create the jungle theme.  Finally, on April 1, 1993, Kumba was unveiled.


Kumba was the first to introduce many popular roller coaster elements, including giant vertical loops, diving loops, interlocking corkscrews, and a zero gravity camelback.  In fact, the 108 foot vertical loop was the tallest of all vertical loops when the ride was first introduced.  In addition, Kumba features a hollow track, which causes it to create a loud roaring sound that can be heard throughout the park.  The ride features 7 inversions on 3978 feet of track.  The longest drop is 135 feet and it reaches a top speed of 63 mph.


The best time to ride is early in the morning because it is located in the back of the park.  While everyone else stands in line at the rides near the entrance, you can enjoy riding Kumba several times.  The front row provides the best view and the smoothest ride.  The back row can be rough.  The nearly 3 minute ride, which reaches a top speed of 60 mph, is capable of accommodating up to 1700 riders per hour.  The total track length is 3978 feet.


Guests must be 54" to ride Kumba and shoes are required.  Guests wearing sandals must remove them and sit on them to ride.  Kumba is not recommended for guests who are pregnant, injured, or elderly.  Larger guests can sit in special seating in the middle of the train.