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Published: 31/07/2012


Kraken is a three and a half minute long roller coaster that is the fastest and tallest coaster in all of Orlando. Despite the fact that it reaches speeds of 65 miles per hour, it is exceptionally smooth.


The queuing area of Kraken is designed to look like the lair of the mythical sea creature, which looks like a dragon eel of various colors. The actual ride is on the back of the Krake. Soon after entering the semi-enclosed seat, the floor falls out and guests’ feet are left to dangle.


From here, guests rise to the top of the ride, which reaches heights of around 150 feet. Once at the top, some magnificent views of the park can be briefly spotted before the real fun begins. After enduring a series of barrel rolls, coils, positive and negative G-force, and upside down riding, guests finally reach the end.


Upon exiting the ride, guests can see a photo of themselves in terror as they ride Kraken. The photo, which may be purchased, is taken from the right side of the coaster right after completing the first giant loop. Guests can then move on to a cave next to the Kraken viewing area where they can see incubating embryos within giant eggs.


In order to ride Kraken, guests must be at least 54 inches tall. In addition, guests with larger upper bodies should choose the two center rows of the train, which are made with larger seats. Those guests interested in riding up front can get choose to line up in the front row line. Guests carrying valuable items may choose to take advantage of the lockers, which are located at the entrance.