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Kali River Rapids


Kali River Rapids provides a great cooling off on a hot Florida day. Guests definitely get wet at this attraction! Those who don’t want to get wet should wear a poncho. The queuing area is enjoyable with many well-themed sights to enjoy while waiting. The Kali River Rapids ride has a strong underlying conservation theme. It is based on the concept of illegal logging and how it is destroying the rainforest.


Through the queuing area, guests walk along a long path that winds through knee-high prayer shrines that are similar to ones located in Nepal. Guests also pass through ruins lined with rock and crumbling statues that are set among overgrown tree roots and lush landscaping.


Upon entering the temple, guests can observe rows of sandals lined up outside. This is because removing shoes is the custom before entering a temple of worship. Inside, the shrine is painted and contains 15-foot tall intricately carved statues of felines. Hand painted murals adorn the ceiling and tell the legend of Bangkok.


Before getting on the raft, guests pass through a boathouse. Inside, television monitors display slides of the Himalayas. The primary theme of the shows is to help guests understand more about illegal logging and how it has caused a loss of animal habitats.


Once to the round rafts, guest board from a slowly rotating dock. The rafts themselves are named things such as "Banyan Bay," "Manaslu Slammer," "Sherpa Surfer," and "Kali Bumper Car." Each raft holds 12 passengers around its perimeter. There is also a plastic cover in the center to protect items, such as cameras, that guests want to keep dry.


Going barefoot is not allowed on this ride. So, guests who wish to keep their feet dry might want to consider wearing beach shoes or sandals on the 4 ½ minute ride.


As the ride begins, guests float down the Chakrandi River, meaning "river in a circle." It begins by making a 90 foot climb through misters that are scented with ginger and jasmine. The ride then continues through the main channel of the river as it passes a waterfall.


Guests float through a lush jungle, complete with the sounds and calls of wildlife. As the ride progresses, however, the smells of smoke and the sounds of chainsaws become apparent. The once beautiful scenery is transformed to blackened stumps and a logging truck sits nearby.


Near the end of the ride, guests standing on a bridge will have the chance to get riders wet by shooting water through elephants. If a rider has managed to stay dry through the ride, he will certainly get wet now! Fastpass is available for this attraction. While waiting for the ride, guests can enjoy walking the Maharajah Jungle Trek.


There is a height restriction of 42", but parents can use the child swap option. Guests in wheelchairs must have the ability to transfer from their chair to the raft in order to enjoy the ride. In addition, guests who are pregnant, who have neck and back problems, or those who suffer from motion sickness should avoid the ride.