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Jurassic Park River Adventure

The River Adventure is Jurassic Parks centerpiece attraction. This exciting ride takes guests on a floating trip past roaming dinosaurs in a variety of habitats. Habitats encountered include: Stegosaur Springs, Ultrasaur Lagoon , and Hadrosaur Cove. All in all, 15 different dinosaurs are encountered along the way. One of these is the Ultrasaur, which stands at 35 feet. Along the boat ride, which reaches a maximum speed of 50 mph, guests see an Ultrasaur as it stretches its neck over the boat to eat some leaves. After passing a few more friendly dinosaurs, a Hadrosaur playfully bumps the boat, which causes it to take a wrong turn into the Raptor Containment Area.


Here, power lines are down and the plants and bushes are shaking. Meanwhile, two fighting baby raptors appear, as well as Velociraptors and Spitters, which shoot water at the boat. Finally, guests then must escape the gigantic T-Rex by fleeing down an 85 foot drop in the darkness, which causes a huge splash in the end!


The ride contains 1.5 million gallons of water and 16 passenger boats, each holding 25 guests. A total of 3,000 riders enjoy the ride every hour! In all, the ride covers 6 acres of land, which contains 300 bamboo plants, 353 palm trees, and 7,441 shrubs, plants, and flowers.


The best time to avoid long lines at this 6 ½ minute ride is before 11:00 am. Guests must be 42" to ride, and those between 42" and 48" must be accompanied by an adult. Guests in wheelchairs must be able to transfer to the ride’s seating in order to enjoy the adventure.


Due to the dramatic acceleration, turns, and drops, guests who are pregnant or who have neck, back, or heart conditions should not ride. It is also not recommended for guests wearing plaster casts, who are susceptible to motion sickness, or who have medical conditions affected by fog effects. In addition, the safety restraints for the ride can be uncomfortable for guests with certain body sizes and shapes. A replica seat is located at the entrance so guests can test the fit beforehand. All loose items, such as cameras, hats, and glasses, should be stored in the provided lockers. It is almost a guarantee that all guests will get soaked, but the seats in the middle tend to stay a little drier than those in the front.


Baby Swap is an option here. The swap station is right between the loading and unloading stations. A long bench is located here, plus a tv monitor that shows rider safety tips. Although the station is outdoors, it does have a roof covering.