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Jurassic Park Discovery Center

The Discovery Center, which is located within a large group of trees, can be seen all the way across the Great Inland Sea while at the Port of Entry. With 2 levels, it is quite easy to spot. The Center, which is a replica of Dr. Hammond's Visitor Center, is home to a variety of hands on displays and exhibits that excite the minds and imaginations of guests of all ages. Inside, guests can discover the fossilized remains of a Tyrannosaurus rex. They can also play an amusing dinosaur trivia game, called You Bet Jurassic, which is set up like a game show. Guests can see how their faces look after it is morphed with a dinosaur as they help Mr. DNA. Or, they can visit the nursery to witness a Velociraptor as it hatches from an egg! Guests can even give him or her a name.


The names of all of the exhibits inside the Center are: You Bet Jurassic, The Nursery, Beasaur, Discovering Dinosaurs, and DNA Sequencing. The inside of the Center is air-conditioned, which can make for a welcome break from the Florida heat. In addition, a shop and can be located inside the Center, as well as a restaurant, Burger Digs, which is on the top floor. The Center is accessible to guests in wheelchairs and ECV devices.