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Jungle Cruise

The Jungle Cruise, which is located in Adventureland, opened in 1971.  This realistic exotic river ride takes guests deep into the jungle and through a rushing waterfall.  They also travel into a Cambodian temple and past an African grassland while floating on tour boats, all of which have special names such as "Amazon Annie," "Bomokandi Bertha,"  and "Irrawaddy Irma."


While approaching the ride, guests wind their way through a very long queue that takes them past some interesting and entertaining sites.  For example, a chalkboard along the way lists missing boats and people with names such as "Ilene Dover" and "Anne Fellen."   The cast members also entertain guests with corny jokes as they wait their turn to ride.


This 10 minute ride is perfect for people of all ages, as audio-animatronic animals appear and the jungle guide provides witty commentary.  Different "rivers" can be explored with this ride, including the Congo in Africa, the Amazon in South America, the Mekong in Cambodia, and the Nile in Egypt.  Regardless of the river that is explored, the landscape artistry is also spectacular.  Animals that can be spotted along the way include lions dining on their prey, elephants enjoying themselves at the Elephant Pool, hippos ready to attack, and even a salesman with a shrunken head.


The boats are pretty fast to load, but the wait can still be long.  Therefore, Fast Passes are available.  The outdoor queues can cause for a hot wait despite the fact that much of the line is under canopies.