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Journey to Atlantis


Published: 31/07/2012


Journey to Atlantis is an interesting combination of a roller coaster and water flume that inevitably gets park guests rather soaked.


To enjoy the ride, guests must first enter the golden temple located next to Kraken.  This temple, which is 10 stories tall, features a steep slope of cascading water falling from the top.  Here, guests can watch as boatloads of other brave souls plunge down the fall and into the pool below. 


Inside, the queuing area is designed to look like a Greek village.  While here, guests learn the story behind the attraction.  In short, guests are on an island off the coast of Greece called Thera.  For some unknown reason, Atlantis has reappeared and has been the center of media coverage ever since.   While walking through the village, the story of Atlantis is reported on overhead monitors.


Guests also learn that an old Greek fisherman is irritated by the return of Atlantis and all of the hubbub it has created.  He keeps demanding that everyone keep out of the town.  Guests soon learn that there is something evil lurking behind the city walls – a Siren that goes by the name of Allura.  Allura's plan is to lure guests to Atlantis where they will meet their doom.


Once at the loading area, and after ignoring the fisherman's pleas to get out, guests are directed to the appropriate eight-person boat.  At first, the six minute long ride appears to be peaceful and offers magnificent views of the lost city of Atlantis.  It doesn’t take long, however, before Allura's spirit is awakened and she moves the boat to the highest spot in the city.  Here, guests are barraged by a storm before Allura releases the boat and guests plummet 60 feet into water that splashes the entire boat and all of the guests within.


After completing the plunge, guests still have to make it past the water cannons, which are shot by other guests from above.  Giant urns filled with spilling water at the edge of the water also must be contended with.  Then, guests are carried to another section of the city and Allura finally releases her evil grip.  Here, the ride becomes a roller coaster.


Upon exiting the ride, guests can view a photograph that was taken as they plunged down the waterfall.  They also enter a gift shop.  Turning right at the gift shop leads guests to the Jewels of the Sea aquarium.  Here, they can view sting rays and sharks, which are both above and below.


Guests must be at least 42 inches tall to ride Journey to Atlantis.  In addition, there are lockers to the right of the ride's entrance where valuables can be safely stowed away in order to avoid getting wet.