Orlando attractions

Jim Henson's Muppet Vision 3-D

This 13 minute 3-D Muppets presentation, which was created in a joint effort with Jim Henson himself, can be found on New York Street. It includes spectacular audio-animatronics, fun sound effects, wonderful pyrotechnics and, of course, everyone's favorite Muppets characters, including Kermit, Miss Piggy, Sam Eagle, and Gonzo. The excitement begins in the Muppets lab, where even some of the lab props are wearing 3-D glasses. Once here, all of the senses are stimulated with bursts of air, squirts of water, and even soap bubbles!


Before the show, an entertaining 12 minute pre-show takes place on overhead monitors inside the theater's 'warehouse.' The pre-show stars Gonzo, Scooter, and Sam Eagle and serves to set up the premise behind the main feature. There are also fun props set up around the pre-show area that are certainly work taking a look at. Included are fun word puns on the names of famous people, such as 'A net full of Jell-o' for Annette Funicello. There is also a sign saying, 'key has been left under the mat,' and a mat next to the sign actually does have a key beneath it.


This show is a major attraction that appeals to all age groups. Long lines are common, but with a theater capable of seating 584 guests, they diminish quickly when the doors open. In addition, it only takes 15-20 minutes before the next group is ushered in. A friendly monster named Sweetums walks around the front of theater at times throughout the show. For a closer look, try to get a seat near the front. The end of the show is quite loud and can be frightening to children or to some adults. When leaving the theater, be sure to check out the Muppet Fountain in front of the Muppet*Vision building and the fire truck near the exit. Miss Piggy and Kermit also can sometimes be found at the exit.


The Stage 1 Company Store can be found left of the Muppet Vision building. It offers Sesame Street and Muppet souvenirs. The theatre is wheelchair accessible and assistive listening devices are available for guests who are hearing impaired. Guest Services should be contacted for details. In addition, Reflective Captioning is available for deaf guests, a Cast Member located at the entrance can provide assistance.