Orlando attractions


As guests enter the Japan World Showcase, they are greeted by a large red torii gate, which is the traditional symbol of honor. This display was inspired by a torii gate that is located at the Itsukushima shrine, which is in Hiroshima Bay.
Further in to the showcase, a replica of a 7th century Horyuji Temple can be explored. The original was build at Nara. This blue-roofed pagoda is representative of Japan's ancient culture. The pagoda contains five stories, each of which symbolizes the five elements: earth, water, fire, sky and wind. The gardens in the showcase also utilize symbolism. Here, pools, rocks and streams are used to represent earth and water, which are thought to be the life source. Bamboo, shrubs, Japanese maples, monkey puzzle trees, and evergreen trees, along with the koi swimming in the pond, help bring the showcase to life.


The Mitsukoshi Department Store is housed inside a replica of the ceremonial and coronation halls of the Imperial Palace. This store was named for the world's oldest department store. Shoppers can find an array of Japanese souvenirs and gifts in this store, such as pearl necklaces, lacquer screens, bonsai trees, fine porcelain, silk kimonos, paper fans, dolls, and books on Japanese cooking, gardening and decorative masks. A large section on both "Hello Kitty" and "Anime" are also found inside the store.


Overlooking Himehi, the 17th century replica of the White Heron Castle fortress houses the Bijutsu-kan Gallery. This gallery displays traditional and modern Japanese art. Stilt walkers dressed like exotic birds, called Cirikli, can be found here, as well. In addition, origami, which is paper folding, and anesaiku, which is shaping brown rice candy to look like mythical animal shapes, are also on display here.


In this showcase, Japanese taiko drumming, called Matsuriza, is performed multiple times each day. The park guide map should be consulted for exact times.


For dining, guests can visit Teppanyaki Dining Room. Here, guests sit at an 8 seat black lacquered counter that surrounds a large grill. At the grill, chefs chop, prepare and cook meals to order. Entrees offered here include beef, chicken, shrimp, lobster, and scallops. These entrees can be cooked alone or combined with crisp vegetables, tasty sauces, and steamed rice.


The Mitsukoshi Tempura Kiku, which is located over the Mitsukoshi Department Store, also seats guests around a counter as meals are prepared. Here, the seafood, beef, chicken, shellfish, and fresh vegetable dishes are battered and deep-fried, which is considered tempura style. Sushi can also be enjoyed here.


A counter service restaurant can be found at the Yakitori House, which is a small version of the Shoken-tei. This restaurant provides guests with chicken and beef on skewers. Diners can eat either indoors or outdoors. At the Matsu No Ma Lounge, diners can enjoy sushi appetizers, sashimi and pickled vegetables, and wash it down with green tea, hot sake, or kirin beer. A wonderful view of Future World can also be seen from this restaurant.


To say hello, or good morning, to a Cast Member, say "ohayo gozaimasu" (oh-hi-yoh goh-zy-ee-mahs). The hidden Mickey can be found by the fences around the trees. The stones in the lagoon located left of stairs also contain a hidden Mickey.