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It's a Small World

It's a Small World, which is located in Fantasyland, was originally created as a tribute to children throughout the world and featured at the 1964-1965 World's Fair. After this attraction closed, it was moved to Disneyland. After proving to be a popular attraction, it was moved to Disney World when it opened in 1971. The song, 'It's a Small World' plays throughout the ride and has the ability to remain stuck in guest's heads for a very long time! The song was originally written as a ballad, but was sped up in order to make it peppier for the ride.


The It's a Small World attraction was recently redesigned to take on the look of the original design as it was created by designer Mary Blair. This design includes a clock tower and the use of extreme gold and white colors to create silhouettes of landmarks from around the world. These landmarks are shown throughout the ride as guests ride slowly on an open train on a track. In addition, the characters inside and the outside of the building have been recently repainted and fixed to make the ride look new once again.


The design of this ride is meant to show off children from around the world as guests gently ride in a small boat along a 1,085-foot canal. A total of 289 audio-animatronic dancing animals, dolls, toys, and flowers provide entertainment along the 10 ½ minute ride. These include little Dutch children wearing wooden shoes, Don Quixote with a herd of goats, bagpipers, Tower of London guards, leprechauns, chess pieces, cancan dancers, wooden soldiers, balloonists, gondoliers, giraffes, snake charmers, hyenas, elephants, frogs, monkeys, and more. Themes of the ride include Central and South America, Europe, South Pacific Islands, Africa, and Asia.


The ride continuously reloads. Therefore a new load is started as soon as one load leaves. In addition, each boat holds up to 20 people, making the line fast moving. This ride is particularly enjoyable on hot days, when it provides a cool escape from the outdoors.