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As guests enter the Italy World Showcase, they find themselves inside a replica of St. Mark's Square. Within the St. Mark's Square are two large free standing columns. St. Theodore, who was an important Venetian leader, sits atop one. A winged lion, which is Venice's mythical guardian, sits on the other.


The focal point of the Italy World Showcase is an 83 foot bell tower, which is an authentic replica of the campanile found in St. Mark's Square. The bell tower was created with extensive attention to detail. The angel on top is even covered with real gold leaf, but it is so high in the air that guests can't really see it. Gondolas further create the romantic atmosphere, along with the Venetian bridges found within the Showcase. Mediterranean citrus, olive trees, cypress, pines, and kumquat trees and architecture inspired by the Doges Palace add to the authenticity.


The Italy showcase also includes a magnificent replica Doges Palace itself, which dates back to the 14th century. The pink and white replica is truly authentic, even down to the façade, which is created to look like the marble used on the original. The Fontana de Nettuno, which was inspired by Bernini's Neptune fountain, is located in the Plaza del Teatro in the central plaza. Entertainment in the area includes a live street theatre and the "I Cantanapoli," which are singers from Naples.


Visitors to the Italy showcase can try authentic Italian cuisine at L'Originale Alfredo di Roma Ristorante. In the lorentine inspired setting, strolling musicians entertain diners as they enjoy calamari, antipasto, and other pastas topped with a sauces such as meat, light cream, and Alfredo. Scrumptious veal and chicken dishes, cannoli, fresh seafood and tiramisu desserts are also available.


A variety of shops are also available, such as La Cucina Italiana. Here, shoppers can purchase Italian pastries, gourmet goodies, and desserts, as well as wines and cookware. The Delizie Italiane offers Perugina chocolates and other candies. Fashion accessories and Benetton casual wear is available at La Bottega Italiana, while Venetian glass jewelry, pillboxes, silver and gold chains, and cameos are at La Gemma Elegante. Murano crystal, porcelain figures, Capodimonte florals and figures, decorative items, and fine glassware can be found at Il Bel Cristallo.


To say hello to a Cast Member in Italian, say "buon giornio" (boo-on JOR-no). A hidden Mickey can be found in the bottom right corner sculpture. Here, three leaves shaped like Mickey can be found.