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Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground

This interactive playground isn't technically an attraction, but this 11,000 square foot play area is a great place for kids to have fun. The play area, which is located off New York Street, is based on the 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids" movie. In keeping with this theme, it is surrounded by large mushrooms, blades of grass 30 feet tall, a massive 52 foot leaking garden hose, and bumblebees 40 feet tall.


Kids love exploring the root maze tunnels and sitting on the giant anthills, or riding on the large ants near by. They have a great time sliding large filmstrips, tree stumps, and flower petals. They also have fun climbing over the gigantic spider web, crawling around in the oversized can of Play-Do and bouncing from the humongous breakfast cereal O's. A hilarious sniffing dog nose, which sprays water and snorts, can also be found here.


The flooring of the playground is made of a spongy mat material to help prevent the kids from getting hurt. In addition, Cast Members can be found at the entrances and exits to the playground to make sure children leave with their parents. The playground is wheelchair accessible.