Orlando attractions

Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit

A roller coaster with a 90 degree lift angle and onboard audio, the Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit lets guests choose the soundtrack to the screams as they are taken on a thrilling 1200 metre ride rush through Universal Studios. Although the roller coaster reaches up to 65 mph, and 17 stories in height, there are no upside-down inversions so this ride is easier to handle than it looks!


The roller coaster also features three first-ever manoeuvres for a ride of this kind: the Double Take, the world’s largest non-inverted loop; the Treble Clef, where guests burst through a building façade on track shaped like the music symbol; and the Jump Cut, a spiralling, negative-gravity move.


Choose your musical soundtrack from classic rock/metal, rap/hip hop, club/electronica, pop/disco or country, and rock out with 90 decibels of music pumping out from the individual stereo speakers attached to each seat. You can even take home a personalised music video afterwards to remember the experience!