Orlando attractions

Haunted Mansion

This popular attraction, which is located on top of a hill that overlooks Liberty Square, didn't open until 1971.  The Mansion itself, which is designed like an 18th Century Hudson River Valley structure, was completed in 1963.  The Disney Imagineers weren't sure what to do on the inside, however, so it took several more years to complete and finally open to the public.


Howling wolves and other special effect sounds fill the air around the Haunted Mansion. To get to the mansion, visitors must walk up a winding path and pass through wrought-iron gates.  Along the way, they pass a graveyard with headstones containing funny epitaphs, such as 'Rest in peace, brother Huet.  We all know you didn't do it,' 'Here lies good ol' Fred. A great big rock fell on his head,' and 'Here lies a man named Martin.  The lights went out on this old Spartan.'


Maids and Butlers greet guests at the door to provide escort to the library, where the fun begins. When entering the room, be sure to look at the picture over the fireplace as it changes. All of the pictures in this room seem to grow and change. One, Dorian Graystyle, even ages before your eyes! The invisible 'Ghost Host' provides instructions from here.


From here, guests go to the egg-shaped Doom Buggies. This 8-minute ride takes guests through the mansion.  Every detail has been thought of with this attraction, right down to the spectacular special effects. These include dancing ghostly images and a spooky séance including a disembodied head that is projected from a crystal ball.  At one point, guests pass by a mirror, which reveals a ghostly rider sitting inside the Doom Buggy. In fact, guests notice something new each time they enter the Haunted Mansion. 


The legend of Master Gracey is a great tale to hear from Cast Members and the ghost horse hearse in front of the Haunted Mansion is a must-see. The Haunted Mansion is not overly frightening, but small children sometimes require small flashlights to keep from becoming too frightened. 


Lines tend to be long for this attraction, but guests are entertained while in line by headstones with inscriptions like, 'Here lies poor old Fred, A great big rock fell on his head'. A Fast Pass and child swap are both available for this attraction. Wheelchair guests can enjoy this ride if able to transfer from their wheelchairs.