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Gwazi, which opened in 1999, combines the two largest wooden roller coasters in Florida into one magnificent ride.  It can be found next to the entrance.  The roller coaster is a recreation of the fabled African Gwazi, which is an animal with a lion's body and a tiger's head.  With this ride, the two animals battle each other using the double tracked coaster, and brave riders, as its means.  Each track, the tiger and the lion, is unique but contain the same basic maneuvers.  The blue tiger is designed to create more of a slalom effect, like a bobsled sliding on a wooden coaster.  The yellow Lion, on the other hand, has multiple spirals.


Gwazi is a highly unpredictable ride, as it is near impossible to determine the layout of the track from the ground.  In addition, the wood it is constructed from contracts and expands with temperature, making no two rides exactly the same.  After a rainstorm, the ride tends to be faster as the track is slicker with less friction.  The ride consists of high speed turns, helixes, and fly-bys.  The longest drop on the 3400 foot track is 90 feet and the coaster reaches a maximum speed of 50 mph.  The 2 ½ minute ride is capable of accommodating 2880 riders per hour.  Each train contains 6 cars, with 4 riders in each car.


Even when the park first opens in the morning, the wait in line for this ride is at least 10 minutes.  It is often better to ride later in the day after riding the less populated attractions in the back of the park in the morning.  There are a couple lines for the ride, so it is a good idea to scope them out to find the shortest line.  The front seat has the best views and the smoothest ride.  The back seats have greater speed, but tend to be rougher.  Guests must be at least 48" tall to ride and it is not recommended for guests who are pregnant, injured, or elderly.