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Florida Eco Safaris at Forever Florida

Forever Florida
is a 4,700 acre wildlife conservation area just a one hour drive to the southeast of Orlando. This 'eco-ranch' features forests, fields, wetlands and streams where black bears, alligators, white tail deer and the Florida panther (an endangered animal) can be spotted. For visitors there are a range of activities (EcoSafaris) on offer day and night(!) some of which are more likely to appeal to 'active families' with fearless children aged 10+! These activities include:

  • Horseback Safari: a 1.5 hour guided horse ride across historic Florida trails and through Bull Creek (see bottom video on right). Also available at night! (Adults and children ages 12yrs+ / 10yrs with riding experience). 
  • Cypress Canopy Cycle: ride a seated 'canopy cycle' as you pedal for 1 hour / 3/4 mile suspended from thick steel cables above Forever Florida's swamps and forests, reaching heights of up to 25 feet! (Adults and children ages 10 years and older who meet the 55 lb minimum weight and 275 lb maximum weight)
  • Zipline Safari: a 2.5 hour guide-lead tree-top adventure from platform to platform across high-tension zip line cables reaching heights of up to 68 feet and speeds up to 30 mph.  Opened in 2012, Peregrine Plunge is the longest single straightaway zipline in Florida, measuring in at an astonishing 1300 feet in length! Guests remain connected to one of two safety connections at all times throughout the course. Zipline Safaris also happen every Saturday Night! (Adults and children ages 10 years and older who meet the 55 lb minimum weight and 275 lb maximum weight)
  • Coach Safari: special open-air safari coaches (elevated 5 feet off the ground) are driven by guides to take and your fellow visitors on a sight-seeing trip through the Florida wilderness on offer at Forever Florida (open to all ages).

On site there is a full-service 'Cypress Restaurant', and there are educational camp programs available for kids and adults, field trip and scout programs, camping and cabin rental.

For the latest pricing information visit floridaecosafaris.com, visitors can pay per activity or for combined packages. Please remember that for many activites closed shoes (no sandals) and trousers/pants of at least knee length are required.

Forever Florida Eco-Safaris

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