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Dolphin watching in Florida (Gulf Coast)

Want to see dolphins swimming wild and free in the ocean rather than in one of the official Orlando theme parks like Discovery Cove? Want to do it with the thrill of speed or from a fun filled pirate styled boat? Travel to Clearwater on Florida's Gulf Coast (a 2hr drive from Orlando) where you can choose from either of these options to see dolphins swimming in their native habitat whilst adding in a fun boating excursion for you and your fellow travellers.

>> The Sea Screamer Speed Boat Ride

Take a one hour cruise on the world's largest speedboat (72 feet long), powered by dual twin-turbocharged engines. The Sea Screamer can travel the Gulf Coast at speeds of up to 35mph whilst being pursued by dolphins keen to join in the fun behind you! Choose the correct seat (or incorrect!) and you can enjoy the spray of the ocean as the Sea Screamer passes Clearwater's resorts and beaches.  

This Coast Guard licensed boat is equipped with two bathrooms, comfy seats, all the necessary safety equipment and sells refreshments. Cruises run 3 times per day from 12pm and last about an hour, adult tickets are currently $24.00, Children 12 and under - $18.00, Kids 4 and under - one free per adult (correct in Feb 2014). Check out the official Sea Screamer website for details or call +1 727-233-4970.

>> Captain Memo's Original Pirate Cruise

The ship 'Pirate's Ransom' was custom designed and built to US Coast Guard requirements in 1993, providing a modern opportunity for families to enjoy a pirate boating adventure! Adults and children can enjoy the on board games of treasure hunts, face painting, water guns, stories and dancing whilst keeping a lookout for the friendly Clearwater dolphins to surface nearby and say 'hello me hearties!'

On board this pirate cruise ship is a professional sound system catering for musical tastes and the crew's favourite styles of Reggae Island and Steel Band music. Passenger refreshments include soft drinks, beer, wine and champagne, all served by the ship's crew of super-friendly wenches, pirates and buccaneers. More details available on the official website or call +1 727-446-2587.


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