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Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park

In times unknown, heavy snow was dropped by a remarkable Florida winter storm over the Western side of Walt Disney World. A short lived plan was hatched to establish a snow-ski resort just north of Disney's All-Star Resorts.

However, when the temperatures soared and ice began to melt, the ski-operators were distraught and ready to fold up. Until they spotted an alligator playing on the slippery, sliding "liquid ice" slopes and realised that they have the world's tallest, fastest and most adventuresome water-filled ski and toboggan runs. Thus was born the ski resort / water adventure park.

It was a beautiful arrangement as the chair lift was used to carry swimmers to the top of the slides. From there the swimmers enjoyed downhill water slides on the one time ski slalom courses and bobsled / sledding runs. The one time ski jump became the tallest and fastest water slide in the nation. When the snow finally melted, beautiful beaches, children's play and activity area were revealed.

In true ski-resort fashion, guests enjoy spine-chilling thrills when they bobsled down the "snow" slopes of Mt. Gushmore or take a plunge from Summit Plummet - straight down - at 60 mph.

The 66-acre Blizzard Beach water park is competely free of ice - if one doesn't count the soft drinks. Set amid a tropical lagoon, Blizzard Beach is a perfect blend of the atmosphere of water park with the excitement of ski resort.

Guest catch an awesome sight as they enter Blizzard Beach - a group of "skiers" sliding down the slopes of Mt. Gushmore. The newest addtion 'Downhill Double Dipper' is a side-by-side racing water slide with a length of 200 feet and standing 50 feet tall. The sliders are known to clock 25 mph, while twisting and turning and finally shooting out through a curtain of water. There are also slalom courses, toboggan and water sled runs on Mt. Gushmore, which is capped by the majestic 120-foot high Summit Plummet. The Summit is visibile all throughout the park and holds the record for the nation's tallest, fastest free-fall speed slide.

The Guests take a high-speed 60 mph plunge straight down from Summit Plummet's former "ski jump" tower to splash land at the base of the mountain. There is 'Slush Gusher' a less steep speed slide which takes the guests through a snow-banked mountain gully.

Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park

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