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A Tiki-themed pastiche of an exotic island paradise, Adventureland is located across the bridge and to the left of Main Street USA. The distant beat of drums could either be a cannibal tribe or it could mean civilisation ahead... Take a chance and find out.

Go on a Jungle Cruise and view the landscape of the Caribbean, South Seas and Africa in a 1930's style tramp steamer. Will you survive the 9-minute trip as you encounter Bengal tigers, king cobras, elephants, lions and hyenas? And watch out for pirate and headhunters! Tribal masks, conga drums, totem poles, and shamanic animal statues hark back to a time before television and mobile technology, when man had to work with nature for survival. Explore the Swiss Family Treehouse and the deep, dark African jungles if you dare... The brave can get caught up in a pirate battle and then join in a sing-a-long in the Tiki Room.

For the hungry, El Pirata Y el Perico provides foods such as taco salads, tacos, hot dogs, and nachos. Aloha Isle offers cool refreshments, such as Dole Whips. Citrus swirls, frozen yogurts, floats, espresso, and cappuccino are available at the Sunshine Tree Terrace. Food with an Asian flair can be purchased at an egg roll cart, which offers a few different varieties.

The Traders of Timbuktu, Bwana Bob's, Island Supply, Elephant Tales, the House of Treasure, and Tiki Tropics all provide interesting and exotic shopping experiences for those seeking pirate booty and treasure.


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