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Future World West

Future World West is on the right side of the park after you enter the plaza area behind Spaceship Earth. Explore this section of Epcot to discover the land, the sea, and the thrill of imagination!

The Land is a 24 hectare (2.5 million square foot) facility dedicated to human interaction with the land itself. It explores not only how we humans use the land for our benefit, but also how we can destroy it. Or take a tour of California by hang glider with Soarin', a simulated multi-sensory spectacular, and be lifted 40 feet into the air without leaving your seat.

Take a ride on a Clamobile to the bottom of the ocean with The Seas with Nemo and Friends, and get fantastic views of the world's largest salt water aquarium. You will also find Nemo and many of his friends swimming in the same aquarium. Or go on a Journey Into Imagination with Figment, and visit Dr Nigel Channing's Imagination Institute and learn how the five senses control the imagination... the purple dragon Figment playfully sabotages the doctor's tour, takes the audience to his topsy turvy house where he proves that imagination is best when set free.

Future World West

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