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Future World East

The east side portion of Future World focuses on technological innovations, test labs, video and email. Designed to be both educational and entertaining, there is some super-whizzy technology to impress the more technologically-savvy younger visitors too. Here you will find the sign up point for the Agent P adventure, and The Universe of Energy (Ellen's Energy Adventure), which studies and entertains while exploring the history of energy. Watch out for the animatronic dinosaurs and sound effects too.

Two of Disney World's biggest e-ticket attractions are in Future World East. Mission: Space provides guests with a unique trip that launches them into a simulated space adventure, including an exciting lift-off followed by a feeling of weightlessness. Probably best avoided by sufferers of motion sickness, it can be fairly intense so this one is for the strong of stomach!

The other main attraction here is Test Track, the result of a partnership between the Disney Imagineers and General Motors Engineering. This attraction takes you through many of the tests that new vehicles are put through to judge their performance, and ends with a hair raising 60+ mph spin around the track on the outside of the building. Another one for the strong of nerve and stomach!

Future World East

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