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Discovery Island

Discovery Island is an 11.5 acre (0.047 km2) island in Bay Lake at Disney World. Originally named Treasure Island by Walt Disney himself, it later became known as Discovery Island. The Discovery Island Trails surround the base of the Tree of Life in Discovery Island at the centre of Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park.

Go back to nature and take a relaxing stroll down isolated trails, over wooden foot bridges and through cave-tunnels at Discovery Island. This is the perfect place to see some of the rare and exotic animals here at Disney World – Galapagos tortoises, lemurs, kangaroos, capybaras, cockatoos, cotton-top tamarin monkeys – who you may encounter along the Discovery Island trails.

You can stop at the viewing areas to observe and photograph the animals, and there is also a glass-panelled observation area where you can watch river otters frolic in the water.

At the following areas, you can see:

  • Trumpeter Springs – Trumpeter swans
  • Parrots Perch – The Discovery Island Bird Show, featuring macaws, cockatoos, and other trained birds
  • Bamboo Hollow – Lemurs from Madagascar
  • Cranes's Roost – Demoiselle cranes
  • Avian Way –The United States' most extensive breeding colony of Scarlet Ibis
  • Pelican Bay – Brown pelicans
  • Flamingo Lagoon – Flamingos
  • Tortoise Beach – Galapagos tortoises

Discovery Island

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