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Dinoland USA

Dinoland USA is a prehistoric trip back in time to the animals that once roamed the Earth, but are no longer with us now.

On entering DinoLand, visitors pass under a 50-foot skeleton of a Brichiosaurus that spans the Olden Gate Bridge, while to the left is the Boneyard. This is a playground and is much fun for kids. With fossils waiting to be unearthed and prehistoric creatures to climb, it's an educational and fun adventure. Look out for the Xylobone too, and you can create a musical tune... You can also try your luck at the Fossil Fun games that have a decidedly dinosaur-like twist.

Be sure to see a new show here called Finding Nemo – the Musical (this replaces Tarzan Rocks). And don't miss the Primeval Whirl, a roller coaster with a time-machine theme that takes you on a whirl back through time in DinoLand. You can also take a TriceraTop Spin, a dinosaur flight for all ages. Climb into a four-person dino vehicle and soar around a giant top as cartoon comets fly past and friendly dinosaurs pop up. These are part of the zany antics of Chester and Hester's Dino-Rama, a special area within DinoLand U.S.A. that's filled with family-friendly games and attractions.

Dinoland USA

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