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The Lost Continent

Be spellbound and discover ancient myths and legends of the Lost Continent, where some say even the food is enchanted. Travel through two mystical areas – the Atlantis-style Lost City and Sinbad's Bazarre – and be touched by the magic... Toss a coin into the Mystic Fountain and meet a battle of wits, as it mischievously squirts bystanders to those who answer its riddles wrongly. Join Sinbad and his sidekick Kabob at the Eighth Voyage of Sinbad, as they attempt to rescue Princess Amoura from the evil sorceress Miseria.

Then tour the dusty remains of Poseidon's ancient temple in Poseidon's Fury, where special effects combine with live-action. Find yourself in the middle of a fierce battle over Poseidon's Trident as Poseidon God of the Sea and his arch enemy Darkennon come to blows with fireballs, lasers and a 95 mph water vortex tunnel.

After that exertion, enjoy award-winning contemporary cuisine at Mythos restaurant, which has been named the World's Best Theme Park Restaurant the past six years in a row. You can also choose from the Fire Eater's Grill and the Frozen Desert, a wicked combination when visited in that order (the ice cream will calm down any chilli burn).

Shop 'til you drop at the Treasures of Poseidon, for clothes toys and souvenirs from the land that time forgot... See metal coins and medallions forged and struck right before your eyes at the Coin Mint. Choose your design and walk away with a one-of-a-kind memento. Then pick an oyster and hopefully find a pearl at the Pearl Factory, investigate your past family history at Historic Families, then gaze into your future at a Star Souls psychic tarot reading. What will the fates foretell?

The Lost Continent

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