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Port of Entry

The first island on the Islands of Adventure theme park, Port of Entry is mainly populated by shops and service stops. It's the perfect place to stop with lunch or just a cup of tea, and plan the day ahead. If breakfast or lunch is on the menu, then visit the Confisco Grille restaurant for something savoury. Those with a sweet tooth are spoilt for choice with the Croissant Moon Bakery, Cinnabon and Arctic Express providing pastries, cakes and ice cream...

There are plenty of souvenir and shopping opportunities with the main Island gift shop, Islands of Adventure Trading Company, to visit, along with the Ocean Trader Market, Port of Entry Christmas Shoppe, Island Market and Export Candy Shoppe, Port Provisions and DeFoto's Expedition Photography.

There's no chance of being lost at sea either, with the 133 foot high lighthouse just outside the entrance – Pharos Lighthouse – which is modelled after its namesake in Alexandria, Egypt, and one of seven wonders of the world.

Port of Entry

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