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Marvel Super Hero Island

Resembling something from a comic book, the Marvel Super Hero Island is pure sensory overload. The island's inhabitants jump to life from comic book pages; here you'll find characters such as Wolverine, Captain America, Spider Man, The Incredible Hulk, and some villains including Doctor Doom, Hobgoblin and Kingpin.

The Incredible Hulk Coaster is a high speed ride with a top speed of 65 mph that features a launch lift hill, meaning it has a fast acceleration before ducking and diving into various inversions. Guests begin the ride in the lab of Dr Bruce Banner, who tries to separate the hulk from himself by going through a gamma tube... just before the warning alarms kick in and then the ride begins!

Get your spidey-senses tingling on the 3-D simulator ride, The Adventures of Spider Man, as the arachnid superhero defeats the Sinister Syndicate from taking the Statue of Liberty. Then take a trip to the dark side on Doctor Doom's Fearfall, where its creator explains that the fear from its riders will be collected to fuel the Fear Fusion Dynamo, which will be used to defeat the Fantastic Four... Meanwhile, Storm Force Acceleration takes you into the world of the X-Men, where villain Magneto has returned to threaten the world. Storm gives Professor Xavier the go ahead for his 'Storm Force Accelatron', while summoning the powers of Mother Nature to combat this darstardly villain.

A more laid-back experience can be found at the Spider Man and the Marvel Superheroes meet and greet area, where the Disney performers (dressed as the superheroes) are happy to sign autographs and pose for photos.

Marvel Super Hero Island

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