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Universal Studios Orlando

At Universal Studios Orlando, you get to go behind the scenes and onto the sets of your favourite movies, and have a real feel of what goes on to create film and TV successes. 

Designed and built to be both a theme park and a studio from the start, Universal Studios is a real working film and television production studio; you'll learn about the equipment and people it takes behind the scenes to get things right on-screen, and how a set can be dressed to resemble anything from Egyptian pyramids, to a city scene, to an underwater cavern...

The park covers 444 acres and has six themed areas: 

  • Hollywood
  • World Expo
  • San Francisco/Amity
  • New York
  • Production Central
  • Woody Woodpecker's Kidzone.

You'll find that each section of the park has an amazing variety of rides, shows, attractions and entertainment, that give a thrilling close-up to the magical world of film and TV. 

Universal Studios Orlando

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