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It's carnival time, all the time at Timbuktu. Themed after the malls and bazaars of Africa, it is located near the centre of the park, and has games, rides, shows, food and shopping.

Thrills can be found here in the form of two roller coasters, the Scorpian and Cheetah Chase, as well as the two other thrill rides, Phoenix and Sandstorm. Carousel Caravan is a treat for the younger kids too. The Timbuktu Theater is host to a variety of shows, including the entertainingly crazy Sesame Street Film Festival 4D.

Timbuktu has some delicious dining choices too. The Desert Grill offers anything from sandwiches to salads, Italian food and is also where the Jammin' show is performed. For a lighter snack, guests can visit Sahara Snacks or the Oasis.


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