Orlando attractions


On the edge of the Serengeti Plain, you'll find Nairobi. Arrive by foot or by the Serengeti Express Railway; the choice is yours. This area is filled with animal exhibits, including the main attraction, the off-road Rhino Rally safari adventure.

Get up close and personal with alligators and reptiles, and see newborn baby animals at the Nairobi Field Station Animal Nursery. Snuggle an elephant at the Elephant Experience area, and see tortoises in the Albadra exhibit.

The dark Curiosity Caverns gives guests a chance to see dark cave-dwelling animals, such as bats and reptiles.

Shopping opportunities in Nairobi include JR's Gorilla Hut and Trader Jim's. At JR's, guests can buy a variety of stuffed toy animals, including gorillas and other African animals. Trader Jim's features Busch Gardens and Anheuser-Busch Clydesdale apparel and souvenirs. For a quick snack, guests can stop by Kenya Kanteen. Here you can find ice cream, cotton candy, drinks, and other snacks.


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