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Busch Garden's main entry point is through Morocco, home to the Mystic Sheiks of Morocco brassand their shops – including Casablanca Outfitters, Continental Curios, Jeepers Creepers – selling African-themed gifts, clothes, toys and souvenirs.

The main attraction in Morocco is the Moroccan Palace, a 1200-seat indoor theatre that is host to the musical show KaTonga. The outdoor Marrakesh Theater can be found nearby too. Gwazi is the major ride in the area, a 50 mph wooden roller coaster named after a mythological creature with the head of a tiger and body of a lion. Gwazi Gliders is a small hang glider flat ride that provides thrills too.

Ice cream can be bought from Sultan's Sweets and there's Tangier's Taffy sweet shop, as well as the Zagora Café where guests can tuck into a delicious variety of food.


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