Orlando attractions


The architecture in the German showcase is representative of a variety of German regions, including Bavarian style buildings and medieval castles. This, combined with one of the mini-German villages that contains three model trains, helps create the feeling of festivity, fantasy, and folklore in the German showcase. In the center of the showcase, the cobblestone German platz, or plaza, contains a wonderful statue within a fountain of St. George as he slays a dragon. According to legend, he slayed this dragon while on a Middle East pilgrimage. In addition, a clock with a glockenspiel emits a special melodic chime every hour.


To enjoy traditional German food amidst an Oktoberfest-style atmosphere, guests can dine at Biergarten. This restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner. It contains an all-you-can-eat buffet, which includes rotisserie chicken, assorted sausages, breads, child's Frankfurters, assorted salads, wine kraut, red cabbage, spatzle, and potatoes. Available desserts include German-style cheesecake and apple strudel. The dinner buffet at Biergarten also offers sauerbraten and smoked pork loin. Guests here sit at long communal tables and are entertained by traditional German activities, such as yodeling, folk dancing, and folk music, including music provided by the German band, Oktoberfest Musikanten. For a counter service restaurant, guests can dine at Sommerfest. Frankfurter sandwiches, bratwurst, sauerkraut, apple strudel, and soft pretzels are available here.


A wide variety of shops are also available in the German showcase. To find miniature trains, puppets, dolls, teddy bears and other stuffed animals, visitors can shop at Der Teddy bar. Volkskunst offers beer steins, watches, clocks, and hand crafted items such as music boxes, nutcrackers, cuckoo clocks, and woodcarvings. Der Bucherwurm provides a wonderful selection of books about Germany (written in English!) and other German gifts and souvenirs, such as glassware, steins, sundries, and hand-painted eggs.


For tasty nuts, baked goods, chocolate, pretzels and other candies, stop off at Sussigkeiten. For fine wines, visit Weinkeller. Christmas decorations can be purchased throughout the year at Die Weihnachts Ecke. Glass items and crystal jewelry can be purchased at Kunstarbeit In Kristal. Hummel figures can be found at Glas Und Porzellan shop.


Snow White commonly makes appearances at the German showcase. To say "hello" or "good day" to a cast member in German, say "gutten tag" (GOOT-en tahkh).


A hidden Mickey can be found to the right of the three suits of armor on the second floor of the building. One can be found in the crown of the third one. The mini-train area is another place to search, as well as the ironwork that holds the hanging baskets located by the teddy bear shop.