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Flights of Wonder


The 25 minute Flights of Wonder show is performed several times per day beneath a canvas canopy at Asia's Caravan Stage. The show features over 20 different species of free-flying exotic birds, such as Barbary falcons, Harris hawks, ibis, macaws, and yellow-naped Amazon parrots.

The show revolves around young Luke, who is on a quest to his ancestors' land, where he searches for treasure with help from the wise old Phoenix. While there, Luke encounters an amazing demonstration of birds as they display their behaviors and talents, including soaring, swooping, and hunting, all in response to auditory and visual cues. The show, while appearing whimsical and light-hearted, does contain a strong underlying conservation theme.

The state itself is built to resemble architecture common in the Himalayan highlands or Rajasthan, India. At one point, the tour guide "Guano Joe" takes center stage and adds a little humor to the show. He gradually learns about the importance of human conservation efforts, and he helps the audience learn, too.

The performance is wheelchair accessible and assistive listening devices are available for hearing impaired guests. Guest Services is available to assist. Sign Language interpreters are also available at certain times on designated days. A Sign Language Coordinator can be contacted at (407) 824-5217 for more details, but must be contacted at least 2 weeks ahead of time.