Orlando attractions

Fievel’s Playland

Fievel's Playland can be found in the KidZone section of the park and offers a variety of hands on activities for young guests.  The area is filled with mazes, slide activities, and run throughs – all of which are modeled after the movie An American Tail


The Mouse Climb, which is a spiraling rope tunnel, is a popular area of this attraction.  Once guests reach the top, they can climb into two-man rubber rafts and slide down another tunnel.  It should be noted that guests do get wet in this area of the ride.


Since the ground is padded, the play area is quite safe and can be explored freely by young guests.  Guests do have to be at least 40 inches, however, in order to ride the water slide from Mouse Climb. 


In addition to being a great place for kids to take a break and let off a little steam, Fievel's Playland also offers a number of photo opps.  These include larger than life water barrels, cowboy hats, playing cards, victrolas, and cattle skeletons.