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Festival of the Lion King

The Festival of the Lion King is the most popular of the live shows offered at Animal Kingdom. Found at the Campside Circle, it offers music, amazing colors, and incredible talent.


At the 30 minute show, guests enjoy a variety of Disney music, including songs from "The Lion King."  Crazy trampoline acrobatics performed by the Tumble Monkeys also adds to the fun, as do the costumes of the singers, which contain beads, feathers, fringe and headdresses. Stilt walkers and audi-animatronics are also a part of the show.


Lines tend to be long for this show for most of the day and outside lines are in unshaded areas that contain very little ventilation. The amphitheatre itself is enclosed and air-conditioned. It is capable of holding over 1000 guests. It is separated into four parts, each with a great view. The sections are labeled as either giraffe, elephant, lion, or warthog. As the performers fill the theater for the show, four gigantic moving floats, which are really stages, are brought out. A 12 foot animated Simba sits on Pride Rock on one stage. There is also a giraffe, an elephant, and a stage with Pumba and Timon.


The amphitheater is wheelchair accessible and assistive listening devices are available for the hearing impaired. Guest Services can be of assistance. Sign language interpreters are also available on specific days and times. A Sign Language Coordinator can be called at (407) 824-5217 for details, but must be called 2 weeks in advance.