Orlando attractions

Fear Factor Live

For those guests that have visited Universal in the past, they may be surprised to learn that the Wild Wild West Stunt show has been replaced with the more modern Fear Factor Live show. 


Fear Factor Live is much like the show that is seen on television in that guests get to watch as contestants compete in a number of stunt and challenges.  Prior to the show, the producer selects a few young guests from the audience.  Their job is to help with the challenges by doing things such as shooting contestants with water guns.


Those guests, who are pre-selected before the show, then go through a variety of physical challenges until it is narrowed down to just one contestant.  Those wishing to participate need to see an attraction host beforehand in order to learn how to sign up.


In addition to having the chance to participate in the Fear Factor Live competition, guests also have the opportunity to drink something gross during the show – of course, participation is voluntary.