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Fairytale Garden

In the Magic Kingdom, just next to the Enchanted Grove, the sound of bag-pipes emanates from the Fairytale Garden’s new Scottish makeover in the style of the upcoming Pixar film Brave. This intimate outdoor amphitheatre style setting has a backdrop of crumbling stone walls that are made to look centuries old. The story behind the Fairytale Garden reveals that ruins from the 1300s were uncovered behind Cinderella's Castle, which are now being restored.


Surrounded by mischievous animated baby bears, the Fairytale Garden’s new red-haired scottish princess Merida welcomes guests to the Highland-style Fairytale Garden in her gentle Scots accent, as bagpipe music plays. Merinda is always ready to pose for a photo, but watch out for the bears vying to get in the picture! Choose between joining the large table for colouring in, or have a quick archery lesson taught by kilt-wearing cast members. Try shooting a safe, soft padded arrow into a large bullseye, and improve your aim, Brave style! 


Of course, outside Fairytale Garden, a merchandise cart has been set up sell-ing items from Brave, including plush characters and bow-and-arrow sets.