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E.T.’s Adventure

The movie that touched people of every generation, E.T., hit the big screen over 20 years ago.  Yet, the magic this extra-terrestrial brings with him still remains today and can be experienced over and over again at Universal's E.T. Adventure.


The ride, which was supervised by Steven Speilberg during its creation and is located in the KidZone portion of the park, received renovations in 2002 when the film was re-released.  Otherwise, it remains the same ride as it was when it was first developed. 


The E.T. Adventure is considered to be a mild ride that people of all ages can enjoy.  Upon entering the queuing area, guests receive a greeting from Steven Spielberg himself.  Here, they learn that E.T. has crash landed on Earth.  Since Earth is 10,000 light years from E.T.'s home, he will need help getting back.  In addition, guests learn that "The Green Planet," which is where E.T. lives, is dying.  It will take E.T.'s magical touch to prevent this from happening.


When guests leave the briefing room, they are provided with a special pass and asked to give their name before exiting.  From here, guests enter a dark forest.  Within the forest, guests encounter NASA Astronauts in search of E.T.  Periodically, E.T.'s heart can be seen as he darts throughout the forest.


In the center of the forest, guests will also find Botanicus, who is E.T.'s teacher.  He also requests that the people of Earth aid in helping E.T. get back home.  Upon reaching the end of the forest, guests also discover E.T.’s Speak-and-Spell as it calls to home.


After exiting the forest, guests are seated with their group on a bicycle that contains E.T. in the front basket.  Guests are then sent racing through the forests and scientists and police officers attempt to stand in the way.  Then, E.T. uses his magic to send the bicycle flying into the air above the city and the forest and the bicycle hits warp speed as it takes off to The Green Planet.


Once at The Green Planet, E.T. is able to use his magical touch to save the planet and its creatures.  As everyone celebrates upon the saved planet, E.T. thanks everyone by name for his or her help in saving his planet.


This is a popular ride.  Therefore, it is recommended to take advantage of the Universal Express Pass that is available.  For the best view of The Green Planet, it is best to sit up front and on the left hand side.  Handicap visitors may also enjoy the ride, though they will need to ride in a Spaceship rather than on a bicycle.