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Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Dumbo the Flying Elephant, which was opened in Disney World in 1971, takes guests on an easy flight through the Magic Kingdom skies. The ride features 16 gondolas, each looking like the baby elephant Dumbo, which all circle around a hot air balloon. The hot air balloon is filled with Dumbo's friends, and Timothy the Mouse stands on top of it as he leads the parade of elephants. One adult and one child can comfortably be seated within each gondola.


Dumbo the Flying Elephant, which is based on the 1941 animated Dumbo film, is not a thrill ride for older children or adults. But, younger children do get a thrill out of the ride. Each ride lasts two minutes and, because the attraction is popular with children and because it is slow loading, lines tend to be long. The ride is open during the Extra Magic Hour, which means it is available to resort guests an hour before the park opens for normal hours. Otherwise, it is best to ride the attraction early in the day when the park first opens. Wheelchair guests can ride with Dumbo the Flying Elephant if they are capable of transferring from their chairs to the ride.