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Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls

Dudley Do-Rights Ripsaw Falls is located at the top of Toon Lagoon. It can be easily spotted by the gigantic replica of Dudley's Mountie cap. In the queue to this area, guests start at a mountain, then pass by a ticket booth and dressing rooms. Ultimately, guests board a red Mountie log.


Guests are then propelled through the world of Dudley Do-Right, Snidely Whiplash, Nell, and more as they ride on log boats. As the ride unfolds, guests are taken through an adventure as Snidely captures Nell, while Mountie attempts to save her. A variety of props, aninmatronics, and figures are used to bring the adventure to life. Along the way, guests pass oncoming trains and unique drops, including one that prevents guests from getting hit by a train. Before Dudley Do-Right manages to save Nell, the log plunges down a 75 foot drop into an exploding dynamite shack, which leaves everybody soaked. Even after exiting the ride, guests often get wet as they are splashed by others taking this plunge.


This ride also pokes fun at many of the attractions found at Disney World. For example, Snidely, who is in jail, attempts to get a cell key from an animal, making fun of "Pirates of the Caribbean." In addition, a mounted, joke-telling Beaver and Bear can be found along the way, poking fun at the Country Bear Jamboree.


Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Fall is the first ride of its kind to go beneath the water. In fact, it manages to go 15 feet below the water level! The best time to catch this 5 minute ride is before 10:30 am. Guests must be at least 44" to ride and those between 44" and 48" must be accompanied by an adult. Guests in wheelchairs can ride if they are able to be transferred to the rides seating.


Because this ride does suddenly accelerate and has sharp turns and drops, it is not recommended for expectant mothers, guests with back or neck conditions, or guests with heart conditions. Those who have trouble with motion sickness or who are disturbed by fog effects should also avoid the ride. In addition, guests will definitely get wet on the ride. Therefore, those with plaster casts should avoid the attraction.


Baby Swap is available with this ride. It is located by the ride's exit in an air-conditioned room.