Orlando attractions

Dr Dooms Fearfall

Doctor Doom's Fearfall, which is also know as Doom Alley, can be found at the end of Yancy Street. It is the tallest attraction in the park and provides great views, plus a heart-wrenching thrill ride.


In this part of the "city," super villains have taken control. As such, two of Doctor Doom's 199 foot tall diabolical devices can be found menacingly towering above the skyscrapers. These devices are the Doom Towers, and they propel up to 16 guests in four rows of four at a time upward like a rocket. In fact, the thrust of the engine is more than that in a 747 airplane engine! With that much power, guests are shot up to 160 feet into the air before dropping straight back down, then back up, and down again. All of this is part of Doctor Doom’s plan to overtake the Fantastic Four. His plan? To suck the fear out of his victims in order to use it in his power.


The best time to access this 40 second ride is before 9:15 am. Guests must be at least 54" to ride. Guests in wheelchairs must be able to transfer to the ride's special seating in order to ride. Due to the high speed free fall, combined with the sudden acceleration, climbing, then dropping, the ride is not recommended for expectant mothers, for those with heart conditions, or for those with back and neck conditions. It is also not recommended for those who are scared of heights, who suffer from motion sickness, or who are adversely affected by fog effects.


Baby Swap is an option with this attraction. It can be found at the end of queue where the towers are loaded, then launched and unloaded.