Orlando attractions

Downtown Disney Shopping


Open from 9:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. (Shops may vary their timings)

Art of Disney - The 1st place Disney enthusiasts run to - to load up on limited-edition animation art and Disney collectibles.

Basin - A family-oriented shop for body and bath, which deals in Specialty soaps, bath crystals and custom candles. What more, the all-natural products are available in a variety of scents.

Disney at Home - A family-oriented shop for body and bath -- with a Disney theme.

Disney's Days of Christmas - This is the place where it is Christmas every day. “Under the Christmas tree” you shop for Christmas collectibles, ornaments, animated figures and other holiday merchandise, including Hanukkah articles.

Disney's Pin Traders - The only Walt Disney World site where collectors can create their own pins from separate parts. It is also called the official headquarters for pin trading, with the largest collection of Disney pins. It has 2 Internet outlets help you to keep up to date with other pin collectors.

Disney's Wonderful World of Memories - You can buy Disney stationary and postcards and goggle at the huge collection of Walt Disney World-branded scrapbook supplies -- albums, kits, adhesive tape pens and stickers.

EUROSPAIN - A beautiful shop displaying an excellent selection of full-lead crystals. You can view the ancient process of glass working here - from glassblowing to engraving and custom decorations. Arribas Brothers are the proud owners of this excellent establishment.

LEGO Imagination Center - The second LEGO Imagination Centre in the United States is located at Downtown Disney. It holds some of the fantastic sights like the 30-foot sea serpent rearing its “fire-breathing” head from the aptly named ‘Buena Vista Lagoon’. You can buy from hundreds of the hugely popular LEGO sets or other LEGO gifts and articles. Even otherwise, the 4,400-squre-foot freestanding store displaying the world's best-selling construction toys is worth the visit.

Once Upon a Toy - Disney and Hasbro have filled the 16,000-square-foot store with toys, toys and more toys. You can choose from the Disney’s latest exclusive playthings like a new MR. POTATO HEAD with Mickey Mouse ears or a new version of the mystery board game CLUE set inside Disney's Haunted Mansion. To enrich the experience, Disney have put in Kinetic displays and creative play areas.

Pooh Corner - Meet Winne the Pooh and the rest of his friends here at Pooh Corner. An exclusive Winnie the Pooh and friends place with articles featuring Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, Rabbit and the rest of the gang. Adult's and children's clothing, stuffed animals, mugs and stationery are on offer at the Hundred Acre Wood.

Studio M - If you have missed your favourite character in the theme parks or suddenly have the urge to record your moment with Mickey forever, Studio M has Mickey, the gang, and other Disney characters for you to take photographs. You can even have custom-designed character apparel decorated by robotic artists.

Summer Sands - The surfer’s paradise is stuffed with the latest trends in stylish swimwear from Quiksilver, Roxy, Christina, and Op.

Team Mickey's Athletic Club - Sports apparel picturing Disney characters are available at Team Mickey's Athletic Club. They also offer authentic ESPN and NASCAR sporting articles.

The Candy Shoppe - Chocolate lovers of the world unite -- at the Candy Shoppe with an assortment of candy, cookies, taffy, chocolates, and fudge.

World of Disney - The World’s biggest Disney shopping area is also the centerpiece of Downtown Disney. The massive 50,000-square-foot retail includes 12 Disney-themed merchandise rooms. Each room tells a story based on a classic Disney film. The amazing sight of a 25-foot-high wall made up of more than 8,000 plush toys waits for you here and the special ones -- girls have their own wonderland at the new Disney Princess Room.


Pleasure Island:

Open from 11 a.m. -1 a.m. (Shops may vary their timings)

Changing Attitudes - The coolest to the hottest street-wear for the younger generation are presented at Changing Attitudes. The hip crowd will have a great shopping experience with an assortment of belts, watches, jewelry and accessories.

DTV - You can get the upper crust look with embroidered oxfords and denim jackets at DTV. In addition, there are variety of upscale plush toys, T-shirts, pens, pencils, hats, key chains, and other souvenir items to choose from.

Mouse House - A shop featuring exclusive Disney character articles, Logo merchandise and golf apparel.

Reel Finds - Take a nostalgic walk through the great movies and movie legends, with Art, collectibles of stars and other memorabilia at Reel Finds.

SuperStar Studios - You can try your hand at creating your own music video or audio recordings in the SuperStar Studios.

Suspended Animation - You can take the holiday memories of Downtown Disney with you in Disney posters, prints, lithographs, animation cells and other collectibles from Suspended Animation.

Zen Zone - The tranquil place to relax your body and mind offers aqua massages, chair massages, hot and cold herbal packs. You also have a selection of massage-related retail products to recapture the moment at home.



Open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. (Shops may vary their timings)

Candy Cauldron - A strategically placed sweet shop offering southern style sweets in an open candy kitchen.

Celebrity Eyeworks Studio - A full-service boutique offering excellent service. You have a broad choice of designer sunglasses and other eyewear, setup in the middle of a (replica) mini-movie set. Many eyewear are exact replicas of glasses worn by the celebrities in recent films.

Guitar Gallery - Guitar Gallery is a music-lover’s paradise. Setup with a theatrical ambience of lighting, this place displays rare collectibles and made-to-order guitars from the best manufacturers in the world. Whether you are a learner, hobbyist or collector -- there is something for you here. You can get equipped with thousands of guitar accessories, books and clothing here.

Hoypoloi - Created and presented by Ron Hoy, ‘Hoypoloi’ is a multifaceted collection featuring uncommon art made from metal, wood, stone, glass, ceramic and others.

Magic Masters - You have to take a walk through the recreation of Harry Houdini's private library to learn the easy-to-master coin and card tricks, linking rings. Do not be surprised by a furry raccoon that springs to life. You will be enthralled for hours with the non-stop magic excitement provided by expert magicians.

Magnetron - Have you heard a magnet talk, sing, ring or beep, light up, change colour or glow in the dark? Or, have you actually seen 20,000 magnets assembled at one place or met magnetic space aliens? Magnetron is a unique place to experience all of them, when lights go dim and the "magnetic generator" is powered up.

Mickey's Groove - An exclusive space for Mickey Mouse with loads of clothes, toys, and souvenirs featuring the World’s favourite mouse.

Sosa Family Cigars - You can watch the making of hand rolled cigars at Sosa Family Cigars and buy a box of premium cigars for those grand occasions.

Starabilias - The place to bring back memories is ‘Starabilias’. Restored jukeboxes, vintage Coca-Cola machines dot the shop, which offers a variety of collectibles from themed key chains, autographed posters or celebrity photos and clothing. The shop is presented by the founder of the famed ‘Antiquities International’ of Las Vegas - Caesar's Palace. All the autographed memorabilia are genuine and come along with Certificates of Authenticity.