Orlando attractions

Donkey's Photo Finish

As well as being able to meet Shrek, there's a meet and greet with his friend Donkey at his Photo Finish meet and greet attraction. Situated right across the street from the exit to Shrek 4-D, guests walk up to a stable, from which an animatronic Donkey will pop out (if he can make it)! If he does, prepare for laughs as he teases guests, then poses for photographs. See if you can guess which Hollywood actor he sounds like (clue: it's the same actor who provides his voice in the film).


After becoming acquainted with Donkey, guests can also meet Shrek and Fiona, who are also happy to sign autographs and pose for photos.


Donkey or his friends are unlikely to come out in rainy weather - Donkey especially, as he does not like having a damp coat. So be sure to pay them a visit on a sunny day!