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Dolphin Encounter


Published: 14/09/2012


The Dolphin Encounter is Discovery Cove's main attraction. Here, groups of no more than 10 guests and two trainers come together to explore the magnificent bottlenose dolphin. Guests are introduced to the dolphin by first providing it with a soothing and bonding rubdown. Any worries guests may have had about being in the water with the dolphins are soon melted away after feeling the rubbery, yet clean, dolphin skin. At the same time, guests must be careful to refrain from kicking, making sudden movements, or slapping with water with their hands.

The trainer or trainers also demonstrate how hand signals result in instant reactions from the dolphins, such as spinning, chattering, and flipping. Guests are also treated to a special hug from the dolphin and a photo, which can be purchased later, is taken to commemorate the moment. Then, two guests at a time are given the chance to swim into deeper water with the trainer. Here, they can play with the dolphins. Among the games guests get to play

Then comes the part you've been waiting for as two people at a time along with a trainer swim out to deeper water to "play" one-on-one with the dolphin. What you do depends on the trainer but always ends with each person hanging on for dear life to the dolphin's back and a fin for a tow into shore. What a ride! Your session ends with a big smooch on your new friend's nose.

Dolphin Lagoon – Three guests and a trainer begin by wading in the shallow area for their introduction to a dolphin. Guests learn about dolphin's behaviors, get to know the animals, and discover how SeaWorld's trainers use hand signals to communicate with the dolphins. Guests swim and play with the dolphins, one-on-one. The dolphin experience lasts about 90 minutes with 30 minutes spent in the water with the animals. Photographers are on hand to record the event and you can buy the photos.

Swim with the Dolphins:

  • Begins with a brief orientation, after which guests and a trainer wade into shallow water for their introduction to a dolphin.
  • Guests learn about dolphins’ behavior, get to know the animals and discover how Discovery Cove’s trainers use hand signals and positive reinforcement to communicate with them.

  • Guests swim and play with the dolphins.