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Dolphin Cove


For guests wanting to have a close up and personal experience with dolphins, Dolphin Cove provides the best opportunity to do so. At this Key West themed aquatic habitat, lucky guests get a chance to touch and even feed these amazing creatures.


Since Dolphin Cove is an open viewing area, there is no one specific place to begin and end the visit. For the most part, however, guests begin their journey at the lagoon. Here, they can lean out and attempt to stroke a dolphin as it swims by. Guests can also learn a great deal about dolphins in this section of Dolphin Cove as a staff member is always available to answer questions and to provide interesting information about dolphins.


In order to increase the chances of actually interacting with the dolphins, it is best to purchase a cone of fish from the nearby kiosk. Currently, the cost of purchasing fish is $4, though Seaworld Annual Pass holders can save $1 by showing their pass when purchasing the fish. Guests wishing to feed the dolphins should pay attention to when feeding times take place, however, as the fish is only available during designated feeding times. In addition, a limited amount of fish is available because only enough to meet the dolphin’s diet is sold.


In addition to the lagoon area, there is a path on the far end that takes guests to an underwater viewing area. Here, guests can sit back and watch the dolphins and their antics. Many people fail to notice this path and, therefore, the underwater viewing area is usually far less crowded than above.