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Disney's Typhoon Lagoon


Published: 14/09/2012




"A furious storm once roared cross the sea
Catching ships in its path, helpless to flee
Instead of a certain and watery doom
The winds swept them here to Typhoon Lagoon."

Equally ancient is the thatch-roofed village along the shores of the lagoon. Resting in the shadows of a great volcanic mountain the quaint village was a placid place where time stood still. The cruise industry and tourists quickly caught on and the village became Placid Palms Resort in modern times. It was a beautiful quiet place on its own till the great storm changed it forever. A fleet of ships were caught in a short furious typhoon and were tossed about like toy boats in the bath tub.

When the inhabitants made their way back after the typhoon, they were witness to the typhoon's power and fury. A small boat had blown through the roof of one building. A great buoy had crashed through the roof of still another. A surfboard had penetrated completely through a huge tree. They promptly renamed the resort to Leaning Palms.

The typhoon created a small harbour-lagoon, trapping thousands of colorful fish and an overturned boat. There are rumours that a few sharks also slipped in with them. The greatest fame was achieved by the shrimp boat "Miss Trilly", which was impaled on the peak of the great volcanic mountain. Even the mighty geyser of water, erupting every half hour cannot dislodge her from the peak. In the bargain, there accumulated an extraordinary collection of waterfalls, pools, surfs and rapids. Once again the resort was promptly renamed into Typhoon Lagoon.

There are nine exhilarating water slides and streams and the world's largest artificially created waves in Typhoon Lagoon. At the wettest, wildest water adventure the brave can even snorkel with the sharks. Visitors can relax in placid rivers and wonderful waterways or take an adventurous ride through roaring rapids and twisting tides - a truly wonderful adventure for all.


When you cut across the street from West Side portion of Downtown Disney, you arrive at Typhoon Lagoon. There are buses from Disney Resort, which also stop at 3 Downtown Disney stops - Marketplace, Pleasure Island, and West Side. However, the easiest and quickest way to visit is to drive down by car. The parking lot here is different from other Disney places in that there are lots of trees, offering shade during daytime.


Young guests aged between 3 and 9 have to pay an admission fee of $24 plus tax, while it is $29.95 plus tax for guests aged 10 and above. The Admission fee is waived for holders of Premium Annual Pass and Unlimited Magic Pass. The "plus" options can be used by holders of Park Hopper Plus Pass. Various discount schemes are also offered throughout the year, for Florida residents and groups of people.

Towels are available for rent, but many times the queue to rent one may be long. Personal towels from home or pool towels from your resort are also allowed -- of course, please be sure to return the pool towels to the resort. However, floatation devices from home are not allowed. You have to use one from Typhoon Lagoon. Avoid swimsuits with metal pieces like buckles, belts or rivets -- they are also not allowed.

Ketchakiddee Creek:

The Ketchakiddee Creek is reserved exclusively for children. The tallest guest ever to enter this area was only 5 feet tall - because they do not allow anyone over 5 feet. Ketchakiddee Creek has been specially designed for children to have water fun -- small slides, raft rides, bubbling jets, squirting water, and the like. Children in this area should be accompanied by parents and be supervised at all times. Ketchakiddee Creek is located on the left side as you cross the bridge to enter the park. Although the creek is a little off from the park, the designers have ensured that the other attractions are never far away.

Shark Reef:

Another attraction, which is separated from other attractions, is Shark Reef. It is on the opposite side of the park and provides a close encounter with several species of sharks - do not worry the sharks are all of non-dangerous types.

The sharks stay on the bottom allowing the guests to view them close from an underwater walkway. You can also get more thrills if you are prepared to get wet. Free snorkel gear is available for guests to swim across on the surface and view the sharks - on the condition that sharks stay on the bottom and you stay on top.

Water slides:

There are many adventurous water slides for the thrill seeking teens. The beauty of these slides is that they are difficult to see from the outside, except where the sliders are dumped into the water. Disney have built the slides right into the mountain and vegetation. You have to take a slide in one to experience the length and the thrills -- every one of them is a special experience. To get to the slides, you have to climb up the stairs in the mountain.

Single raft thrill rides are provided by Keelhaul Falls and Mayday Falls. True to name, they are very fast until you slide into a shallow pool of water. Similar thrill for a group is provided in Gang Plank Falls, where the raft accommodates up to 6 people.

If you want to ride without a raft, there are Storm Slides - fast, pacy body slides. The triple set of Humunga Kowabunga speed slides are the biggest - and certainly not for the faint of heart! Each of the slides is 214 feet long and drop 51 feet with the result that sliders may zoom at 30 miles per hour. Women in two-piece bikinis are warned not to take the slide - they could be embarrassed by losing the top half.

Guests who are not interested in the slides can still enjoy a day on Castaway Creek or in the Wave Pool.

Castaway Creek:

Castaway Creek is for guests seeking relaxation instead of thrills or for guests who wish to unwind after all the excitement. The 2,100 foot serene river makes a circular loop around the entire park and has 5 entrance or exit points which are strategically placed.

They stack up tubes at the entrances every morning, but by mid-morning, the only tubes you will find are in the water. You just grab the nearest empty tube to enjoy the ride. Traffic jams are known to occur on busy days when the Creek is completely filled up with guests. Castaway Creek is not entirely without fun -- the half hour ride with the current takes you through a waterfall, a small cave and under dripping or spraying water.

Giant Wave Pool:

The focal point of Typhoon Lagoon is the giant wave pool, rated the most popular attraction. In fact, it is the name of the giant wave pool, after which the whole park is named. Spread over 2.5 acres, it is filled with 2.75 million gallons of heated water. Only Typhoon Lagoon issued life jackets are allowed in the wave pool.

The place for people who love waves has a 2-hour cycle. The first 90 minutes of every 2-hour period is full of big waves -- every 90 seconds a wave at least 4 feet tall moves across the pool and crashes to the shore. The waves are very powerful and are strong enough to push over a man standing only knee deep in water. Guests with small children need to be extra careful and watchful, as the children are likely to be knocked down. The floor of the wave pool is kept deliberately rough to prevent slippage and needs to be kept in mind if knocked over and scrapped up on the floor by the waves. The last 30 minutes of every 2-hour period is reserved for smaller, gentler waves, good for bobbing.

For your care:

The park is quite a popular attraction and fills up quickly in summer. They have provided plenty of lounge chairs and short beach chairs. The lounge chairs are recline only and do not sit up. In certain areas, they allow the guests to take the beach chairs to the edge of the water in the wave pool. The cast members are always around to guide the guests.

The park does not allow alcoholic beverages or glass containers. They do allow coolers though. Ice cream, funnel cake and other delicious junk food stands are available throughout the park. You can also get hot dogs and turkey legs from Surf Doggies or sandwiches and salads from Typhoon Tilly's. The largest food spot is Leaning Palms, which sells burgers, dogs, beer, sandwiches, pizza, and salad. Alcohol can be purchased once you are over the bridge at Let's Go Slurpin' located to the right of entrance.

Singapore Sal's is the place to buy souvenirs and for beachwear, sundries and other gift items. There are showers, lockers and dressing rooms nearby.

Typhoon Lagoon normally opens at 10 a.m. and will be generally un-crowded for the first hour or so. During busy seasons, the park opens an hour early at 9 a.m. and may not take more guests by noon, when they are filled to capacity. The easiest way to avoid long lines for slides is to reach there early.

Typhoon Lagoon is a great place for fun, different from the normal theme parks and a wonderful way to relax for a few hours or a day.