Orlando attractions


The simulator ride Dinosaur is located with the Dino Institute, which is set up like a museum. The Dino Institute was created to help guests uncover the mysteries of the past, and is staffed by both students and scientists. After passing the informative fossil exhibits inside the Dino Institute, visitors enter a queuing area that is covered with casts of real dinosaur skeletons. A Carnotaurus is the centrepiece of this room.


Bill Nye, the Science Guy is there, too, to help set the stage for the ensuing adventure by explaining the theory behind how dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago by meteors plummeting to the Earth.


A pre-show movie is also used to set the mood. With the movie, visitors learn about the plan of Dr. Grant Seeker, who wants to travel back in time to save the Iguanodon before becoming extinct from the meteors. Guests then strap into the 12 seat Time Rovers to begin the trip back in time. The 3 ½ minute simulator ride then bumps, bounces, and careens through a primeval forest, which is filled with a multitude of audio-animatronic dinosaurs and amazing special effects.


Guest's pictures are taken during the ride and can be viewed and purchased after the ride is over. The fastpass is available at this attraction. After obtaining the pass, guest can enjoy the other available attractions within DinoLand until their ride time.


Dinosaur has a height restriction of 40" and children under 7 years of age cannot ride without an adult. The child swap option is available. Pregnant women and individuals with back or neck problems should not go on the ride, and it may be too intense for some children and adults.


Guests in wheelchairs can enjoy the ride if capable of transferring from their wheelchair. Guests with hearing impairments can still enjoy the pre-show, which is close-captioned.