Orlando attractions

Curious George Goes to Town

Curious George Goes to Town can be found in the KidZone section of the park.  This waterpark area is created to look just as the illustration sin the Curious George books.


To get started in this section of the park, young guests will entire a small tent play area.  Nearby is a padded play area containing shooting water that blasts from the ground in a random pattern that children enjoy trying to understand.  The town square, however, is the main attraction of this play area.


In the town square, young guests can enjoy playing in the City Waterworks, called the City H20, and the Fire Department.  The second floor balcony of the City Waterworks contains five water cannons that can be squirted at those below.  Both buildings contain huge water buckets on their roofs that fills continuously until a warming bell rings and the bucket is tipped onto the square.


There is also a water obstacle course within this play area.  It contains a number of levers, cranks, and other devices that let young guests determine how the water moves and who will get wet. 


For those wanting to get away from the water, the Bell Factory is another great play area in the Curious George Goes to Town area.  The two level structure contains thousands of soft foam balls, which get sucked up by vacuum machines and sent to the nearby ball cannons.  The cannons can be found on tall poles throughout the areas. Other balls are placed in overhead bins, which are periodically dumped onto guests below.  Young guests can also collect balls that get sent by the vacuum to special stations.  Guests can then take these balls up to the second level balcony and put them in the Auto Blasters that allow them to shoot at guests below.


Since this attraction does involve getting wet, it is best to bring a towel and a change of clothes before going into the playland.  Or, it should be visited just before leaving the park for the day or for a mid-day break.