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Congo River Rapids


The Congo River can be found in the very back of the park.  Here, guests can enjoy the Congo River Rapids, which offers exciting rapids, spectacular waterfalls, and even water guns.  Fitting perfectly within the jungle theme, Congo River Rapids is located right next to Kumba.  Along the course, gests can pay to use water guns in order to fire on guests riding in the rafts. 


Every ride on Congo River Rapids is a new experience because the 12 person raft is not on a track. Instead, it roams freely along the course and hits different locations.  Guests are almost guaranteed to get soaked, particularly in the cave and the area following it.  Guests will also encounter a geyser and many fun obstacles as the raft spins and bounces along the Congo River.


Guests must be 42" tall to ride.  The best time to ride is early in the morning, around 9:30, though it is possible to get soaked and stay wet for most of the day afterward.  Since no two rides are the same, however, guests can come away from the ride completely dry.  Seating doesn’t make a difference in how wet a guests will get since the rafts are free roaming.